Project Felix Now Available for Download


Since Adobe debuted Project Felix at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego they’ve worked hard to bring the first beta to us.

Here’s a quick summary of who, what, how and why Project Felix.

We talked to hundreds of designers about the challenges you face in modern compositing. Many of the traditional workflows just don’t cut it anymore. For example, you need to create realistic product shots where the product may not exist in the real world yet. You need the flexibility to make changes quickly, and generate different comps for different layouts and screens at any point in the design process. In addition to real scenes, you need to create abstract images for more creative compositions and surrealistic designs – and this all needs to look real…and exquisite.

Zorana Gee

Felix is for graphic designers with a paid Creative Cloud membership, not for individual download, or with a trial, sorry guys your gonna have to sign up to test this one out.

Users can build an entire scene and render a final image for projects like:

  1. Advertising or product shots
  2. Product design
  3. Scene visualizations and concept mock-ups
  4. Abstract art

More than just a basic compositing tool, you can work with 3D models, materials, lights and background images licensed from Adobe Stock’s marketplace of 3D assets, or import your own from the desktop or via shared CC Libraries, to create fully lit scenes.


Felix’s controls and tools let you move around the scene, even tilt, rotate and transform individual models. Adjust the lighting and edit surfaces with easy-to-use sliders. And quickly place your models with visual guides. Watch your changes in real time with the render preview without having to wait hours to check your changes. Because Felix is part of Creative Cloud, your renders are also editable in Photoshop for post-processing.


What do you think
Felix is specifically for graphic designers and input is important to the design process. The Adobe team thrives on feedback and is passionate about their mission to deliver a product that graphic designers want to use to create high-quality, photo-realistic images by combining 3D and 2D assets.

Tell them what you think by sharing feedback on UserVoice. Help make Project Felix even more intuitive and user-friendly so it fits naturally with your existing workflows.

Stay tuned for an in-depth look and review into Project Felix, on The Design Times