Advice for new designers

Being new to something is always daunting , I’ve made so many mistakes as a new designer, here’s a few tips to set you off.

Digital isn’t everything 

Jump off the computer, go outside and get inspired the good old fashioned way. Use mixed media, incorporate drawing into your digital work, switch up your style, experiment. I repeat digital isn’t everything.


Design isn’t enough, literally sitting behind a computer and creating isn’t enough, you have to push yourself out there but more importantly you have to hustle your designs. You could design the best piece ever and all it could do is sit on your computer and no one could see it. You have to push it out, let people see it, market yourself, give yourself a chance an opportunity to be seen. There are so many ways for designers to monetise their work, you could see old work as templates on Graphicriver, design t- shirts on Mercht, start a design blog, sell stock designs, see posters, write tutorials, the list goes on.

Learn the business

Since I started designing I’ve been bamboozled too many times to recount, from being under paid, under valued, not being paid at all, bad communication, no clients, too many clients and poor work ethic. The real lesson here is to learn yourself and learn other people, how you work best, how much to really charge, how to run a studio, how to work as a freelancer, email etiquette and how to market yourself, how to keep a client and how to educate a client.

Don’t be afraid of money

Not quite chromaphobia, but its a sensitive subject fordesigners, most designers I know don’t get into  it for the money, so you don’t know how to charge for what you do for fun. I struggled for years on how to charge properly. How do you quantify design? How do you sell the ROI of design to someone? Most time you’d get clients that don’t even want to invest in design for their business and are just simply ticking a box on a business list. Countless times I’ve negotiated with myself and under priced my services because I didn’t know my worth and I was scared I was gonna scare my client away because of price. Price accordingly for where your at and who your client is, it’s simple.


You are a creative, you have the power to make things appear from nowhere, you live in the astral plane, you see what others can’t. Initiate a project, whether its poster a day, or design your own alphabet. Start something, but more importantly be consistent with it.