Deliveroo delivers a major rebrand and visual identity

Deliveroo only being three years old, has renewed their brand, if you aren’t familiar with Deliveroo, you must have seen their bicycle couriers by now weaving in and out of traffic with humungous bags on their backs. The company delivers restaurant food to customers in twelve countries.s3-untitled_design_3_0-default-640 19xnr5jh0_d_478tclguvkw
The company revealed a new logo and visual identity on the 5th September 2016; this was created by DesignStudio  – the same agency that rebranded AirBnB in 2014 and, the Premier League earlier this year.
In a blog post they outlined why they picked DesignStudio for the rebrand.
“We picked branding agency DesignStudio for the project. In their pitch they’d blown us away with their creative, collaborative approach and their dedication to understanding what sits at the heart of our business ­– great restaurants and a great fleet of riders. They carried out customer service shifts, became riders themselves and ate enough to get a sense of what restaurant delivery really means”.
The new branding has transformed the original kangaroo holding a delivery bag to a more iconic, minimal graphic symbol; Colourful jackets for the riders, are part of  the brand’s new identity.
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In a blog post announcing the rebrand, Deliveroo’s design team says DesignStudio explored several options for the new logo. The agency consulted with staff and carried out a semiotics analysis of what the symbol meant in other countries and cultures before deciding on a final design.
” We explored a variety of routes … ­some that kept the kangaroo as its primary inspiration, to completely new logos that left our kangaroo roots behind. What the process highlighted was that both internally and externally our Roo had become a beloved part of our brand”, writes the design team.
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Finally, what would a branding be without its visual identity;  the company’s website uses bold colours and close up shots of deliciously colourful food from burgers to ice-cream. The brand says its new photography style aims to capture “The messiness of food in its tangible, up-close glory”.
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The website and app feature a customised version of Production type’s Stratos typeface, a distinctive alternative to the rounded sans type we often see in apps and tech startup branding.
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“For the headlines we are using a customised version of Stratos, it echoes the angles and shape within the [kangaroo] symbol and is brimming with personality for bold punchy headlines,” says Hurst. “It’s the same type used across the rider jackets … and is also the basis for the word mark.”