Are business cards dead?

Picture 2016 and you meet someone that you want to do business with you leave them with a small piece of card, that they then go to their office and put in their rolodex or business card wallet of some sort, sounds redundant, imaginary and redundant. So the question pops up do we need business cards? Is that the calling card of 21st century or has technology evolved enough to not have one.

Social media platforms are the new business card.

Where would I keep a business card? I’m walking around with a computer in my pocket, all i need to do is take down your number, email and social media details and I can know everything you did within a 24 hour period. Phone numbers and emails are no longer the one and only points of contact, I can actually save unlimited numbers in phones now, amazing isn’t it, can hardly believe it myself.

In fact my cousin showed me a business card a musician gave him and it had everything from Soundcloud to Snapchat to a Youtube link that wasn’t even branded it was just a bunch if numbers, all that information didn’t make sense to me, because if all I had was your Instagram I’m sure with very little effort I’d navigate to other platforms you’re are on.

I feel like business cards are relevant for physical places like shops, restaurants, boutiques actual places that can encompass their brand in a print product, compared to virtual real estate, not everyone can acquire a commercial unit, but it takes a couple hours to gain some virtual real estate for a hundredth of the price of a commercial unit, I don’t need something physical to represent my mostly virtual brand, a lot of business is done online as oppose to face to face nowadays.

Business cards aren’t dead, just less relevant.