Additional income methods for designers

Design is a well populated industry with a lot of talented people; if you are a freelancer, getting work may sometimes be difficult so, here are 6 other ways that you can top up your income.
 T- Shirts
Not long ago, designing and selling t-shirts was logitiscally difficult; designing was the easy part but, deciding which printing technique to use, whether to print on demand or have an inventory as well as packaging and shipping, are just some of the ways that complicated the process.
Times have now moved on and designers can do what they do best, design. The rest is left to online merchandise platforms like: Mercht, Tee Spring and CafePress. Once that is decided one simply uploads then they print and ship the t-shirts if your design reaches the outlined demand.  There’s no risk and no cost; this is always a great way to get extra income. It is also fun and doesn’t take much to manage, you just have to promote and design.
 Stock Photography/ Textures
I know not all designers are photographers or even familiar with photography, but if you can learn this invaluable skill at an even amateur level, you can gain some ground with it. Stock photography is no stranger to a designer, this includes sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Adobe Stock, Getty Images, Veer and Big Stock. If photography really isn’t your strong point, you can always delve into textures, which are really easy to make and can be anything from brick to concrete (don’t think we need another brick or concrete texture, but you get what I mean).
Designers use fonts 99% of their design life, why not design the perfect one for you or, one you think the design world needs!  Nonetheless, it’ll be a great side project at least. There are so many Type foundry and online stores where you can promote and sell your font, designing however, would be the most time consuming. Check out sites like Ten Dollar Fonts, Font Fabric, Hype for Type, My Fonts and Creative Market.
Stock graphics
Unused designs, project leftovers sound familiar well theres no need for them to collect dust on your hard drive any more, you can sell them, whether its Photoshop actions, icons, vectors, logos, print templates and the list goes on. Check out sites like GraphicRiver and Creative Market.
Blog/ Guest Blog/ Tutorials 
Blogging is the best and most inexpensive way to promote your work and position yourself as an expert; time is its only cost but does pay off in terms of reputation. It can help to create relationships with other designers and gain referrals. It may also be useful to increase traffic by giving away free assets, wallpapers etc and writing tutorials.
Many larger blogs may pay you a good amount to also write for their blog, guest blogging then becomes a great way to create supplementary income.
Writing an eBook has proven to be a stellar source of income for many such as, Sacha Grief who boasted of an income of $40,000 over a couple of months. Nathan Barry is another example, making $28,000 on his first day alone. Pick a subject you think you know well enough and get writing, there’s no minimum but make sure it’s worth the buy.
There’s a great deal of methods and platforms to get your ebook out there and sold. Check out sites like Payhip, Lulu, Kobo, Myebook, Blurb, Scribd, Sellfy.